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Product architect & Software engineer

I currently work at Stubhub.

I am currently doing UX using Spring MVC, jQuery, Backbone, dust.js, and ExtJS. I am also using Ruby Sinatra, Rails, Ruby, Python, Google App engine, HTML 5.0, jQtouch, and Hadoop.

Historically, I am a software manager with experience leading teams of various sizes organically and across the globe.

I've been an executive, director, development manager, programmer and I do whatever is needed to get talented engineers to ship a product on time.

I am also a software designer experienced in product design, and product management.

My interests are UX, workflow, web 2.0, software as a service, games, development practices, agile, off-shoring, and the web.

I've developed and shipped products for financial systems, e-mail campaigns, people collaboration, e-mail systems, workflow, project management , IDEs, design tools, and others on multiple platforms.

I 've done user interfaces on the MacIntosh, Windows, HTML, AJAX, YUI, ExtJS, jQuery, JAVA, JSF, and I am sure something else that I can't recall at the moment.

Patents I've worked on:
6,073,109; 6,058,413; 5,734,837; and 5,630,069.

Member of ACM, and Workflow Management Coalition