Collaborative Team - Web Application

Coordinator 1 -5.0 was a fairly innovative webapplication using dhtml, javascript, xmlhttp, css, J2EE(with ColdFusion tags). My role was to design most of the flow, ui, and implemetation of lots of the pieces. Our challenge was to do an application that was inviting, seductive, fast, and different than webapplication at the time.

Resource Finder

Read and reply window.

Address book supporting roles, users, contacts, companies, departments, copies - to.

Time off view.
Worklist. Grouping, status column.

Project plan, gantt charts.

Route form. Allows multiple reviewers and reordering. Concurrent and sequential process supported. Automatic closure.

Calendar view. Supported monthly, daily, weekely. Included appointments, meetings, tasks to be done, workflow processes due.

Portal view, Dhtml menu's, scrolling text on the bottom

Form to ask someone to fulfill a request. Included Due Dates, Attachments, date Finder, copies-to, projects. Build using D.HTML HTTPRequest, JavaScript and J2EE server with ColdFusion Tags